DV Lawn Maintenance

Complete Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Solutions

At DV Lawn Maintenance, we use the highest quality products and materials for every project. No matter how big or small the job is, we are committed to getting it done on time and within budget.

Complete Lawn Maintenance

Do you want your lawn to look well-maintained all year round? Worry no more. Our professional lawn maintenance service guarantees comprehensive lawn development in an affordable range. We understand that your lawn is much more than mere grass and leaves; it’s an investment. We help you prepare a plan and achieve the perfect property with complete lawn maintenance services.

Fresh Mulch Beds

Enhance your home's appeal. Take advantage of our new mulch and give your home a well-groomed look. We are ready to care for all your mulching needs and provide prompt and affordable services.

Plant & Tree Trimming

Improve the beauty of your shrubbery with our exceptional trimming and edging services. Our landscaping professionals offer optimum services for maintaining the condition of your trees and plants. Our on-site facilities can perfectly handle all your landscape and lawn requirements at a price you can afford.


Looking for a service to create the perfect yard? Our professionals are always up for offering exclusive planting services for different types of plants and flowers. We revamp the complete look after the work is done. Allow us to create the dream yard you had in mind for years.

Topsoil Installation

At DV Lawn Maintenance, we treat your yard with high quality and suitable topsoil. Our professionals cater to impeccable lawn maintenance and landscaping services, including topsoil installation. Count on our experts to determine what topsoil is best for your lawn care needs.


We offer hydroseeding services to increase the comprehensive fertility of your lawn. We plant grass seeds using the highest quality mixture of seed and fertilizer, mulch, and water that helps to grow grass in a short amount of time. It also helps to protect the seeds against evaporation and drying out.

Get our hydroseeding services to grow your home or business’ grass in a quick, affordable and effective way!

Power Raking

A thatch layer in a lawn is the dead and living grass shoots that lay between the soil and the visible grass blades. It can increase the chances of disease and fungus and prevent air and water exchange. Power raking is used to dethatch your yard to provide the following benefits:

  • Increase the amount of oxygen, nutrients, and fertilizer that reaches the soil and root system to promote a more healthy and thicker lawn
  • Prevent or reduce mold and disease within the lawn
  • Help to jump-start the property in the spring

Lawn Mowing

We offer exclusive lawn mowing services to help you save time and hassle visibly. Our one-time, weekly, and monthly lawn mowing packages will help your lawn look beautiful, fresh, and healthy. We complete the job effectively by remaining as unobstructed as possible.

Fall & Spring Clean-Up

Get your yards cleaned up in a hassle-free manner. Our team of expert landscapers caters prompt, reliable, and quality fall and spring cleanup for various properties. We care about your raking needs, shrub trimming, and much more. Get year-round care for your lawn with our exclusive facilities.

Snowplowing In Check

With DV Lawn Maintenance, you can keep your household or business running smoothly despite the snow. As the residents of one of the snowiest cities in the country, we understand that months of heavy snowfall are simply a part of life and we are prepared to deal with it.

Servicing residential and commercial properties, we are committed to keeping your driveways and parking lots clear of snow. Give us a quick call and let us help you clear the snow off of your property.